Welcome to U-Pick-Farms.com

We are (soon-to-be, with your help!) a comprehensive listing of you-pick (u-pick, pick your own, PYO) farms in the U.S.

Our goal is to provide for our users an easy to use website, chock-full of information about you-pick farms in their area.

So, how do you find a you-pick in your area? Simple, just use our Farm Search, it is as simple as entering your postal code, how large of an area you want to search in, and if you want, put in some types of fruits and veggies that you are looking for!

What if a farm you know isn't listed? Well, just Add a Farm, and one of our content moderators will verify your listing and publish it. Please try to include as much information about the farm as possible, it helps make the site more useful for others!

Do you own a farm and want it listed here? Use the same Add a Farm form to let us know about you, but include a note to our moderators that the information was submitted by the farm owner. We also offer advertising options and featured listings, use the Contact form to request more information.

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